Dancer at Club Michigan causes disturbance after pocketing $40

Shayeeda Sharday Williams

Shayeeda Sharday Williams

SHEBOYGAN — A dancer from Milwaukee allegedly tried pocketing $40 from a customer at Club Michigan last weekend.

At approximately 2:14 AM on Sunday, January 7th, the Sheboygan Police Department was called to Club Michigan for a disturbance.

30-year-old Shayeeda Sharday Williams, of Milwaukee, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, police spoke with two bartenders who stated that they had a problem with Williams earlier in the evening and they had to kick her out of the bar. They did not let her back in the bar to get her personal belongings, but rather packed it up and had someone else bring the items to her. One bartender said Williams had gotten paid from a customer with a $100 bill. The service costs $60 and the customer wanted his change back.

Williams then went to hide in the dressing room and the customer continued to knock on the door to get some of his money back. At which point, a bouncer became aware of the problem and tried to get some of the money back from Williams. The dancer refused to give back the $40 in change and started to cause a disturbance in the dressing room. According to the complaint, Williams ended up swinging her arms at the bouncer and striking him in the cheek at one point.

She also spit at him causing saliva to land on his beard.

At that point, Williams was told to leave the bar, but she would not leave and the bouncer had to physically remove the woman  from the bar. While he was moving her, she was trying to grab onto things as barstools and walls.

Once she was outside, she attempted to get back into the bar.

Club Michigan is owned by Ken Fees, who also owns a strip club in Manitowoc County.