Sheboygan men arrested after marijuana mailed to home

Riley J. Wallace (left), Irwin Sosa (right)

Riley J. Wallace (left), Irwin Sosa (right)

SHEBOYGAN — Two men have been arrested on drug charges after marijuana was mailed to a north side home.

24-year-old Riley J. Wallace and 22-year-old Irwin Sosa, both of Sheboygan, have been charged in Sheboygan County Court with two felonies.

According to the criminal complaint, a United States Postal Service inspector had intercepted a suspicious package at the Milwaukee Post Office and the package was bound for 3213 North 10th Street in Sheboygan. The package was addressed to a Sarah Roberts at that address and the return address was from Mountainview, California.

The USPS inspector indicated that he checked records for Roberts and was unable to locate anyone by that name and found no female by that name living in Sheboygan.

According to the complaint, the package in question was a a cardboard box wrapped in Christmas paper, weighing nearly 12 pounds. A K-9 Unit was deployed on the package and indicated a positive reaction for the presence of illegal controlled substances within the package. The package contained eight individually wrapped vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana. In total, there was 9.13 pounds of marijuana.

When questioned, Sosa told police he currently works as a sub-contractor for Time Warner Cable and does in-house cable installs. He indicated that he has been doing this job for approximately three years and can make upwards of $70,000 a year. Sosa also told police he had paid $11,600 for the marijuana to be mailed to him and indicated the marijuana was fronted to him and he makes payments back to a bank account to a subject possibly in California.

Sosa told police that he sells the marijuana for $1,900 a pound.