Sheboygan County Day in Court: Dec. 1

SHEBOYGAN — Day in Court is a weekly feature listing court sentences for misdemeanors and traffic violations in Sheboygan County.

Nicole Danielle Wagner, 30, 115 North Swift Street in Glenbeulah, unreasonable and imprudent speed, $426.20.

Nhia Chang, 30, 2012 South 22nd Street in Sheboygan, operating while intoxicated-second offense, $2,191, 5 days jail, 12 months ignition interlock, alcohol assessment.

Ashley N. Bittinger, 27, 1341 North 40th Street in Sheboygan, disorderly conduct, $236.

Melvin Irvin Lepp, 52, N772 County Road HH in Random Lake, disorderly conduct, $843.

Todd A. Berchem, 49, 5426 Woodland Road in Sheboygan, speeding, $250.90.

Donald William Faucher, 65, 6024 South 12 Street in Sheboygan, disorderly conduct, $326.50.

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