Sheboygan County Property Transfers: Nov. 9

SHEBOYGAN — The following property transfers were recently recorded at the Sheboygan County Register of Deeds Office as of November 9, 2017.

Nancy C. Luczak to Jozef S. Luczak
Graceland Subdivision Number 19, City of Sheboygan

Arthur H. Fischer Estate to Richard A. Lang
Section 6, Village of Oostburg

Dale L. & Linda D. Neil to Henry H. Wu & Yuguang Wang
South 1, Village of Kohler

Sheldon K. & Jacqueline L. Wing to Stephen W. Jacqueline M. Graham
Revere Estates, Town of Sheboygan

Mark A. Kaminski to Todd D. Kaminski
Braun & Dorst Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Daniel J. & Doreen Borowski to Leonardo Enrico & Juliana Buitron Bellodi
West 4, Village of Kohler

Randall L. & Hiedi J. Knapke to Adam W. Koch & Nicole L. Krasselt
Section 5, Town of Sheboygan

Joseph T. & Karen Lawrence to Ayva P. Kue
Madison Heights Subdivision Number 4, City of Sheboygan

Joshua K. & Laura M. Gabrielse to Matthew D. Sewell
Section 22, Town of Lyndon

WHEDA to Alicia N. Nelson
Original Plat, City of Plymouth

Leonardo & Juliana Bellodi to Navroop & Gurveen Gill
Lake Aire Subdivision, Town of Wilson

Janet A. Schumacher & Robert J. Turnbull to David E. Zdvorak & Kaitlyn D. Deister
Hidden Ridge, City of Sheboygan

David P. & Jessica R. Drecktrah to Michelle L. Yeskie
Dreps Acres Subdivision, Town of Sheboygan

Paul D. Rudnick to Thomas B. & Lois L. Kolberg
Crestwood Condominium 2, Village of Elkhart Lake

Ronald & Carol Kallies to Curt A. Mercure & Samantha A. Brunner
Original Plat, City of Sheboygan

Virginia F. Henning Revocable Living Trust to David Wilson
Ramaker, Terhorst & Hesse Division, City of Sheboygan

Caroline Kohls to Precision Rentals 1202 LLC
Riverview Division, City of Sheboygan

Riverside Home Improvements, LLC to Michael J. Krueger
Original Plat, City of Sheboygan

Charity L. Carney to Harold Lancour
Charles Krieg’s Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

U.S. Bank to 112 Reed LLC
Smith’s Subdivision of Lots 13-24 of Appleton’s Addition, Village of Plymouth

Charles V. Jr. & Suzanne C. Kinsley to Seth A. & Julie K. Harvatine
Timberlake Subdivision, Town of Wilson

John W. & Susan N. Lamont to SBG Properties, LLC
City of Sheboygan

Rudolph C. & Rosalind A. Schuttey Living Trust to Kathryn Ann Gardner
Sheboygan Garden Division, City of Sheboygan

Dennis E. & Shirley M., & Daniel P. & Cindy A. Roehrborn to Christopher D. & Karen M. Madson
Section 11, Town of Sheboygan Falls

Delores N. Voight to Gregory D. & Amanda L. Sigwing
High School Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Orlando R. & Jennifer A. Hernandez to Stephen R. Candler & Lisa R. Gamble
Marwillett Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Sheryl R. Pfrang to Derek A. & Toni M. Hansen
Plat of Greendale Park, Town of Sheboygan

Ryan K. & Tiffany R. Hametner to Katey A. Tess
Schoolacres, Village of Howards Grove

Meg M. Peterson to Jayme G. Thiel
Werner & Clemens Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Russell L. & Lori A. Voight to Marcus A. & Jennifer L. Tucker
Vernon’s Subdivision, Village of Adell

James A. & Darlene Gruenke to Kelly M. Schneider
Section 11, Town of Lima

Longo Living Trust to Holdings by TJ LLC
Section 6, Village of Oostburg

Gregory T. & Jamie L. Olsen to Robert A. & Ashley Ellen Schlemmer
Hunter’s Glen Subdivision-Phase 3, Town of Sheboygan

Jason W. & Jessica L. Neitzel to Stephen D. & Dawn Y. Strehlow
Section 12, Town of Mitchell

Harris L. & Dolores H. Huenink to Jensema Revocable Trust
Section 26, Town of Lima

Alloidial, LLC to Joseph M. & Kelley L. Tulius
Aspen Trail Estates, Town of Sheboygan

Abdelillah & Taoufik Lahrache to Jerry A. & Julie A. Bramstedt
South River Village, City of Plymouth

Timothy J. Kohlmann to Timothy J. & Jennifer L. Jorsch
Section 26, Town of Rhine

Shirley A. Leonard Estate to Philip E. Steinke
East Towne Subdivision, Village of Random Lake

Richard A. Leonard to Philip E. Steinke
East Towne Subdivision, Village of Random Lake

Paul M. & Jamie L. Ausloos to Jerry Hintz
M. Trimbergers Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Bart R. & Jana K. Voskuil to Daniel J. & Jennifer A. Wynveen
3rd Addition to Field Tree Acres, Village of Oostburg

Edith M. Ten Dolle to Travis J. & Megan S. Mentink
Section 28, Town of Lima

Lee Realty of Sheboygan, Inc. to Christopher J. Sadiq
2nd Addition to Crestwood, Village of Elkhart Lake

Bernadette M. Mondloch Revocable Trust to DeJay T. Kraus
Seifert’s Addition, Village of Adell

Philip & Judy Gawthorpe to Brian P. & Heather L. Wattenbach
Victorian Village Condominium, Village of Elkhart Lake

Alberta Caughey to Kashia Vue
1st Addition Rammer Estates, City of Sheboygan

Raymond E. & Paula K. Hagerman to Chad T. & Sara J. Knecht
Winter-Hacker Addition, City of Sheboygan

Darrell M. & Cynthia S. Ringel to Travis L. Thomas
Section 13, Village of Waldo

Scott & Robin A. Bruecker to Dale A. & Felicia K. Karls
Borden & Zeinemann Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Sheriff’s Deed to Johnson Bank
Graceland Subdivision Number 4, City of Sheboygan

Nora A. Allison to James T. & Cheryl J. Leonhardt
Quarry View Condominium Number 4, Town of Sheboygan

Gordon J. Veldboom, Jr. to Eric R. & Lindsay M. Seider
West Field Meadows, Village of Oostburg

James T. & Cheryl J. Leonhardt to Mark R. & Mary J. Heinz
1st Addition to Forest Hills Subdivision, Village of Howards Grove

Gordon J. Veldboom, Jr. to Brett L. Lilyquist
West Field Meadows, Village of Oostburg

Hillcrest Builders & Construction, Inc. to Dale L. & Mary A. Stoltzman
River Terrace Condominium Phase 3 Addendum Number 2, City of Plymouth

Glacier Investments, LLC to Todd M. & Nancy J. Guse
Cole’s Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Dirk E. & Susan L. Denzin to Ryan D. Vanderkin & Josie R. Hau
Section 28, Town of Rhine

Patrick J. & Michelle C. Boyle to Jordan T. & Stacie L. Simons
Resubdivision of Block 5-8 of West 1, Village of Kohler

Brian E. Sischo & Marilee M. Voechting to Amy B Toth
North Avenue Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Rautmann Custom Homes, Inc. to Victor Jr. & Michelle L. Cruz
Pigeon Creek Subdivision, Town of Sheboygan Falls

Victor Jr. & Michelle L. Cruz to Loren R. & Bonita L. Kapelka
Westwynde Bluffs, City of Sheboygan Falls

James F. Kuhn to Keith D. & Corie L. Rivers
Section 11, Town of Plymouth

Bhupin Minimart Limited Liability Company to Sheboygan Minimart LLC
Original Plat, City of Sheboygan

U.S. Bank to Robert A. Stearn & Elba Acevedo
Erie Place Condominium, City of Sheboygan

Laura Jean Comerford to KPG Investments LLC
Section 12, Town of Lyndon

JPAJ Property LLC to Selkey LLC
Section 25, Village of Cedar Grove

Patricia A. Slezewski to Oscar Steinbauer
East Shore Meadows, Village of Random Lake

Robert J. Siebenaler to James L. & Pamela M. Barton
M. Orth’s Addition Number 7, Village of Random Lake

Jane E. Ten Haken to Joshua T. Maxwell & Whitney A. Bastian
Section 3, Town of Holland

Ralph J. & Agatha M. Michaels to Jessica E. West
River Run Subdivision, Town of Lima

Geraldine C. Dorner to Ryan C. & Shanae L. J. Glaeser
Pinewood Estates, Town of Sheboygan

Paul L. Strains Estate to Paula Strains
Section 22, City of Sheboygan

Sue Yang to Joe Yang
Assessment Subdivision Number 19, City of Sheboygan

Ryan C. & Shanae L. J. Glaeser to Yeng F. Vang & Vienthia Lor
Braun & Dorst Subdivision Number 4, City of Sheboygan

Tabbert Irrevocable Trust & Jan & Ellen Vojta Revocable Trust to Ronald T. & Carol A. Kallies
Krueger Condominium, City of Sheboygan

Pflyer, LLC to Judy M. Gieseke
Edgeview Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Teng Y. Vang to Nicole L. Fisher
North Shore Subdivision Number 1, City of Sheboygan

Marcella H. Eppers Living Trust to Brian D. & Rebecca L. Payne
Section 2, Town of Lima

Michael J. & Jennifer M. Navis to Adam C. & Tina Dumont
Section 29, Town of Lima

Ronald G. & Marlene M. Krueger to Sunset Hills Golf Course & Driving Range, LLC
Section 21, Town of Sheboygan Falls

Anita Neils Estate to Connie Guttenberg
Assessment Subdivision Number 19, City of Sheboygan

Equity Trust Co. Custodian FBO Richard Drewa IRA to Benjamin J. & Elizabeth A. Koepsell
Braun & Dorst Subdivision, City of Sheboygan

Sheriff’s Deed to DSJ General Contracting, LLC
Original Plat, City of Sheboygan

Sheriff’s Deed to Federal National Mortgage Association
Section 1, Town of Scott

Brian C. & Laurie J. Harlin to Matthew A. Behrs & Melody K. Kloska
Pleasant View Acres, Town of Plymouth

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