Samaritan’s Hand helps heal those in Sheboygan

It is always on our minds. It is constantly in front of our eyes. It seems like it will not end.

What is it? It is addiction.

A recent article in National Geographic Magazine explained the science of the addicted brain. It explained how addiction, of all kinds, takes over the neural pathways of tens of millions of people. I suggest you find it and read it.

Today, on Facebook I read this post by a friend and the loss of her brother.

“It was this morning a year ago that we rushed to Zach’s apartment. As the paramedics loaded him into the ambulance, I told an unconscious Zach he was going to be OK. I truly thought he was going to make it through what the fentanyl-laced heroin did to his body…. after all, he seemed to be doing so well in the recent weeks. Instead, Zach’s heart and kidneys would be flown to other parts of the country to save other lives. Instead, we are left with only memories of Zach….and, thankfully a lot of great pics. Instead, we are left to watch as the heroin epidemic sweeps through our nation. Instead, we pray and love those who are struggling daily with addictions of many kinds. Instead, we count our blessings every day. Instead, we cling to faith, our knowledge of eternal life with our loving and merciful God because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.”

We feel helpless in situations like the one above. But there are things we can do to help.

Number one is understanding that any addiction is not the fault of the person, it is not a moral failing or decision. It is steeped in the chemistry of our body.

One of our local organizations, Samaritan’s Hand helps heal those with addictions, in a faith based program.

On Friday, October 13th, at 7 PM, a run and walk will take place at the Sheboygan County YMCA to further assist those with addictions, through fundraising and awareness. Your entry covers the cost of the event, consider making a donation as well.

The 5k or 2 mile Glow Run/Walk along the lakefront, will take place along the bike path and around Deland Park and the Marina. Registration is open online and starting at a 6 PM the day of the event and closing at 6:45 PM that evening.

For more information, visit Samaritans Hand on Facebook or call (920) 254-6922.

Participate and support this mission, through your running, walking and your donations. Make our community a better place for all.

See you in a few miles… roy

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