Sheboygan DPW announces 2017 leaf collection program

Leaf pick-upSHEBOYGAN — Beginning Monday, October 9th, residents will be allowed to rake leaf piles into the street gutter for easier and faster pickup by city crews.

Under normal conditions, City of Sheboygan ordinance prohibits the placement of debris or leaves in gutters, and this ordinance carries a fine. However, an exception is made during this six-week period and during this period only.

The last day for leaf collection is Friday, November 17th.

In an effort to provide better service and improved efficiencies, the Department of Public Works has divided the City of Sheboygan into five sections for leaf collection (one zone for each day of the week). Under this program, DPW crews will concentrate their efforts within the assigned zone each day.

This program provides advance notice when crews will be in a specific area. The Department of Public Works will make every effort to remove leaves from the entire zone that day. Nevertheless, this system will give the residents six different times to rake and sweep the leaves within each zone this season.

Residents are encouraged to use alternative ways to manage leaf piles. First, the City of Sheboygan asks residents to mulch their leaves into the lawn while cutting the grass. The mulched leaves provide a natural fertilizer for the lawn. Second, residents are encouraged to bag their leaves and bring them to the drop-off site on New Jersey Avenue. These two suggestions will help reduce the huge volume of leaves from the streets and prevent street flooding.

Residents are reminded to rake leaves away from the curb, creating space for water to flow properly and prevent flooding in any storm water catch basins. Leaf piles are to be located in areas clear of parked vehicles so as not to interfere with the pickup operation.

Do not mix branches, sod, and general yard waste with the leaves as these items will clog the equipment according to Jason Blasiola, the city’s Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation.

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