Report reveals Sheboygan County significantly outgrowing the state

SHEBOYGAN — Wisconsin’s annual report on property tax reveals that Sheboygan County is significantly outgrowing the state.

The just-completed report revealed strong commercial and industrial growth in Sheboygan County, which added nearly $160 million in new construction value, or a 5.4% growth rate, over one entire percentage point faster than the State of Wisconsin’s growth of 4.1%. Growth across Sheboygan County was not even. Achieving the lion’s share of development were:

  1. Village of Elkhart Lake
  2. City of Sheboygan
  3. Village of Waldo
  4. Village of Oostburg
  5. City of Sheboygan Falls
  6. Town of Wilson
  7. Village of Howards Grove

The bulk of development in Sheboygan County was commercial development, easily outgrowing many comparable areas such as Rock, Fond du Lac, and Outagamie counties. The local growth in commercial was over 30% faster than the state overall. Industrial development was 230% greater than state average, again vastly outpacing most comparable areas..

“The growth in industrial and commercial in highly encouraging. This data aligns perfectly with Sheboygan County’s recent history. We have seen tremendous job growth. Our Achilles Heel remains, that we are not building enough housing. Even with the boom in apartments and knowing what is in the development pipeline, we still expect a significant housing shortfall by 2020 worth nearly $50,000,000 in untapped development,” said Dane Checolinski, Director of the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC).

Where Sheboygan County underperformed was residential development. Comparing similar data reveals residential new construction was 40% less than Wisconsin’s average. Sheboygan County’s new home construction value was only $349 per capita, while communities such as Outagamie, Eau Claire and Brown built well over $600 of new homes per capita.

Checolinski stated, “It has become a real dilemma for our area. Our employers are hiring many Americans from outside the area, but available housing is not keeping up with demand.”

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