Planned Parenthood opens express location in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN — Planned Parenthood announced last week they have opened an express location in the Town of Wilson.

The temporary express location within the Wholistic Health Center at 5934 South Business Drive opened last week.

Below is a column submitted to MySheboygan by the CEO of Planned Parenthood:

We all want strong, healthy families. While this value is one we can all agree with, for too many individuals, it can be difficult to achieve. In fact, access to high quality, affordable health care is out of reach for many people, including 6,260 women of reproductive age in Sheboygan County alone. For 43 years, Planned Parenthood has worked to close that gap by providing breast and cervical cancer screenings, personalized birth control options, well woman check-ups, STD testing and treatment, and honest sex education for 1,204 individuals in Sheboygan each year.

Planned Parenthood is the largest of two area health care providers serving the community’s comprehensive reproductive health care needs. Despite this commitment thousands of individuals go without these services in Sheboygan each year. The need for essential health care is significant and working together with our valued health care partners and amazing supporters, we can achieve a healthier community.

We feel privileged so many of you have trusted us to care for you during important and sometimes vulnerable moments in your lives. Throughout the years, we have served generations of family members and have come to know many of our patients on a deeply personal level. From holding the hand of a patient who has discovered a lump in her breast or helping a woman understand her treatment options following a positive cervical cancer screening, we have been there with our patients during difficult times.

We have been honored to work with parents in sharing honest, accurate information with their family about how to prevent a pregnancy and the transmission of STDs. And we have been there with our patients during moments of relief in hearing the outcome of wellness exams and other diagnostic tests or simply reassuring a patient with no health insurance that we will care for her, regardless of her ability to pay.

As a health care provider, we know how much women value compassionate, quality care. It is central to their physical and economic well-being. For many patients, Planned Parenthood is their only source of health care and we serve as their entry point into the broader health care system. Without Planned Parenthood, too many would go without timely access to cancer screenings, birth control and referrals for everything from prenatal care, adoption and mammograms, to diabetes management and cancer treatment. This is why we must work to remove barriers to care for individuals and families who, like you and me, want to be safe, healthy and strong.

Planned Parenthood is proud of our record of care. One in five women has trusted Planned Parenthood for her health care needs. As the need for affordable access to health care in Sheboygan continues, Planned Parenthood is in search of a new home that will build on our legacy of high quality, affordable health care in a new, conveniently located health center. Until we identify our new permanent home, patients seeking birth control counseling and prescriptions can visit us in Sheboygan at our temporary express location within the Wholistic Health Center at 5934 South Business Drive.

Patients seeking our full range of services including cancer screens, wellness exams, STD testing and treatment can continue to do so at our Manitowoc health center at 1100 South 30th Street.

Tanya Atkinson
President and CEO
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

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