Sheboygan Police shutdown meth lab, couple arrested


Nathan Schrameyer

SHEBOYGAN — A couple is facing felony drug charges after Sheboygan Police discovered a meth lab on the city’s far north side.

40-year-old Praisleis A. Derhammer and 42-year-old Nathan H. Schrameyer, both of 3729 Rosewood Court in Sheboygan, were charged Monday, August 7th in Sheboygan County Court with felony manufacturing of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of waste from methamphetamine manufacturing and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Praisleis Derhammer

Praisleis Derhammer

According to the criminal complaint, the Sheboygan County Multi-jurisdictional Drug Unit was dispatched to 3729 Rosewood Court in the City of Sheboygan for a meth lab investigation on July 27th.

Captain Kurt Brasser of the Sheboygan Police Department had indicated to investigators that a search warrant had been conducted at that residence and information was obtained that there was possibly a meth lab inside of the garage. The meth lab would have been portable in nature.

An investigator arrived at the residence and spoke with law enforcement officers on scene. A backpack had been removed from a closet inside of the garage and placed on a seat in the driveway. Captain Brasser indicated two individuals were inside the residence, one being Schrameyer and the other being Derhammer.

Sheboygan Police shut down a meth lab at 3729 Rosewood Court in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

During questioning, they indicated they had two individuals that were staying at their residence. Derhammer identified the female party’s name to be Amanda Jo Gaus. Praisleis said that Amanda Jo’s boyfriend, Mitchell James Melin, was also staying at their residence. They said that they stayed for approximately eight days and that would have occurred over July 4th. Derhammer said Melin was complaining of a cold and requested to go to Walgreens to get Sudafed. Derhammer had gone to the north side Walgreens and purchased Sudafed to give to Melin. Approximately a day later, Melin said he wanted more Sudafed which was was purchased by Derhammer at the north side Walmart.

State law enforcement agents assisted Sheboygan Police in dismantling the meth lab.

Police asked Schrameyer and Derhammer about the drug use inside the residence. They acknowledged they were receiving either cash or drugs for individuals to reside at their residence. They said they used this to support their habits, according to the complaint.

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