Sheboygan Police Chief refuses to release dash cam video of man biting officer

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Sheboygan Police officers arresting JB Riley, Jr. on Friday, August 25, 2017.

SHEBOYGAN — In another attempt to withhold information from residents, Sheboygan’s police chief will not release the dash cam video showing a man biting an officer. requested dash cam video from an incident on Friday, August 25th at North 14th Street and Erie Avenue in which 28-year-old JB Riley, Jr. ran from an officer attempting to stop him for a seatbelt violation. The man was eventually taken into custody after the man’s pants fell causing him to fall to the ground but not before the man allegedly bit an officer.

Chief Chris Domagalski

Chief Chris Domagalski

Some people who were in the area that evening reported seeing a police vehicle hit and knock Riley to the ground. At least one person reported multiple officers pile onto Riley. However, the police chief does not want the public to see dash cam video.

“I have serious concerns that disclosure of this recording in any form and any other records pertaining to the Sheboygan Police Department’s investigation of this case could compromise the effectiveness of the prosecution of this case and Mr. Riley’s ability to obtain a fair trial,” said Police Chief Chris Domagalski in a letter sent to in response to our request for the dash cam video.

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This is not the first time Domagalski or his department withheld information from the public. In June, police responded to a shooting at King Park. In that case, police would not release 911 calls reporting the shooting, claiming if the 911 calls would be released, they could impede the investigations. While five arrests were made, the names of the individuals were never released.

In the biggest withholding of information comes from Domagalski’s decision to encrypt the city’s police radio, preventing residents from listening to police activity in the city since November 2016. That decision has angered residents and caused support for the police force to slip.

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