Oostburg man officially charged in two homicides

Sergio Moises Ochoa

Sergio Moises Ochoa

OOSTBURG — A 41-year-old Oostburg man has officially been charged with two counts of first degree intentional homicide.

Sergio M. Ochoa, of 827 Ontario Avenue in Oostburg, was charged in Sheboygan County Court on Tuesday, August 8th with two counts of felony first degree intentional homicide that resulted in the deaths of two men on July 30th, 2017.

According to the criminal complaint, at approximately 3:31 AM on Sunday, July 30th, deputies were dispatched to 403 North 10th Street in the Village of Oostburg for a report that two individuals had been shot. A deputy was the first member of law enforcement to arrive at the scene. He observed a subject run out of the dispatched location to the road, waving his arms in the air and pointing to the residence. The deputy made contact with the male who said that the individuals were inside. When asked where the shooter was located, the male said that the shooter was not at the home.

Inside the living room of the residence, the deputy immediately noticed two deceased male individuals lying on the floor with what appeared to be gunshot wounds in their chest area. The deceased were later identified as 42-year-old Luis Garcia and 43-year-old Fernando Lara. Both men were found lying on their backs on the living room floor with a coffee table separating them. A total of seven bullet casings were found in the living room. Multiple bullets were also found, mainly in the living room. The cartridge casings were from 9mm bullets and were identified as Aguila brand cartridges.

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A preliminary findings report from Dr. Witek concerning Lara’s autopsy indicated that one bullet was a through-and-through injury of Lara’s left pectoral muscle area. The bullet traveled through the man’s left arm. The bullet traveled from right to left, across Lara’s body. An additional bullet wound was observed as entering through his left posterolateral chest, traveling through the liver, and then exiting the left side of Lara’s abdomen. The bullet also moved from right to left. The bullets all appeared to have had a high entry in the body with low exit.

During the autopsy of Garcia, it was determined that there were 10 bullet holes in his body, in addition to one grazed wound across his chest and a grazed wound to the right side of his neck. It was determined that a total of six bullets struck Garcia, with one of them being the bullet that caused the graze injury. One of the bullet injuries was to Garcia’s left abdomen upon entry, with the bullet traveling downward and exiting near his buttock with a re-entry through the buttock on the other side and a re-dash exit through the same side buttock, creating four holes.

Law enforcement officers interviewed a family member who advised that Ochoa and Garcia had not been talking for a month or two because there had been some argument over money that Garcia owed Ochoa. It was believed that the amount owed was $200.

Ochoa presented himself to the Sheboygan Police Department at approximately 4:16 AM on July 30th. Officers approached Ochoa in the lobby of the police station where he made some statements. He said that he was scared, and did not mean to and that he did something bad.

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