Jolly Good Soda expanding distribution

Jolly GoodRANDOM LAKE — Krier Foods announced Wednesday the colorful cans of Jolly Good Soda will now be available for purchase in another store.

Jolly Good Soda will be distributing their soda at all Woodman’s locations throughout Wisconsin. Previously only available in Piggly Wiggly’s and Trig’s in Wisconsin, six flavors are now available for retail including: Grape, Fruit Punch, Cherry, Orange, Cream Soda, and Sour Power.

Each flavor is available for purchase in an individual can for a quick drink, or in a build your own 24. For those that cannot pick between which flavors to go with, a variety 12 pack will also be available at the end caps. Jolly Good has built a reputation for delivering a colorful selection of beverages that is sweet and visually delightful. Their unique can designs can’t be missed by Wisconsinites who have long been familiar with the locally produced soda.

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