Sheboygan Walmart to end price matching

SHEBOYGAN — Walmart stores in Sheboygan will end their price match program.

Effective Monday, July 17th, the price match program at Walmart stores in Sheboygan will end, putting an end to customers ability to match prices found at Pick ‘n Save, Piggly Wiggly, Festival Foods and other local stores. Price matching allows customers to show cashiers advertised prices of products at other stores during check out. Customers who do so can then pay the lower price listed in the advertisement if Walmart’s price is higher.

This means Walmart cashiers will not accept ads from other stores. Customers will get stuck paying more at Walmart if the product they are buying is less at a competitor.

Sheboygan Walmart

A noticed posted in a check-out lane at Sheboygan’s south side Walmart on July 16, 2017.

Walmart began phasing out its ad match program last year according to Charles Crowson, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications for Walmart. At Sheboygan’s south side store, notices can be found at the check-out lanes informing customers of change. Customers will still be able to use the “Savings Catcher” feature of the Walmart mobile app. Savings Catcher compares Walmart’s prices to competition in the area and will give shoppers their money back if a lower price is found.

Walmart has two Sheboygan locations: 3711 South Taylor Drive on the city’s south side and 4433 Vanguard Drive in the Town of Sheboygan.

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