City of Sheboygan looks to expand city’s south side

SHEBOYGAN — The City of Sheboygan is gearing up to grow the city by expanding the Sheboygan Business Park on the city’s far south side.

In February 2017, the City of Sheboygan hired Ruekert Mielke, a planning and engineering firm to assist with exploring the opportunities related to the expansion of the Sheboygan Business Center which is located on the city’s far southwest side. The Preferred Master Plan, released earlier this month, provides for a 400 acre expansion of the park over two phases on land south of Weeden Creek Road.

Sheboygan Business Park

“The most logical location for the city to expand its business park is south of the current business center,” said Chad Pelishek, the city’s Director of Planning & Development. “The city currently owns a 55-acre parcel between South Business Drive and I-43.”

In the Preferred Concept Plan, it appears Racetrack Road would disappear but Sheboygan Powersports & Marine and Russ Darrow Volkswagen would remain with access from the newly expanded South Taylor Drive which would be built south from Weeden Creek Road. The plans include offices, green space, small scale as well as large scale industrial. The plans also outline recreational amenities, roundabouts, stormwater management areas and a multi-use trail.

“This property will also be the location of new elevated water storage tank to be constructed by the Sheboygan Water Utility in 2018 to serve this area with city water service,” added Pelishek.

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