Sheboygan County Day in Court: June 2

SHEBOYGAN — Day in Court is a weekly feature listing court sentences for misdemeanors and traffic violations in Sheboygan County.

James T. Johnson Jr., 32, 1615 Union Avenue in Sheboygan, operating while intoxicated-second offense, $1,819, five days jail, 18 months driver’s license revocation, 18 months ignition interlock, alcohol assessment.

Brandon M. Darbart, 31, 1225 Washington Avenue in Sheboygan, possession of narcotic drugs, $530.

Myranda Rose Lemahieu, 27, 922 Eastern Avenue in Plymouth, impeding traffic by slow speed, $250.90.

Adam J. Strebe, 27, 1603 North 37th Street in Sheboygan, failure of operator to notify police of accident, $834.50.

Kyle R. Decker, 29, 4318 White Oak Lane in Sheboygan, disorderly conduct, $455.

Robina M. Otte, 39, 1421 Erie Avenue in Sheboygan, operating while revoked, $654.

Joshua James DenBoer, 19, 726 High Avenue in Sheboygan, hit and run-involve injury, $1,512.72, 90 days jail.

Devin M. Henry, 31, 406 Giddings Avenue in Sheboygan Falls, disorderly conduct, $586, 90 days jail.

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