Sheboygan woman, 22, accused of sexual assault of child

Alanna G. Etzel

Alanna G. Etzel

SHEBOYGAN — A 22 year old woman is charged with sexual assault of child after the victim’s parents called Sheboygan Police.

22 year old Alanna G. Etzel, of 1412 Lenz Court in Sheboygan, was felony sexual assault of a child under 16 years of age on Wednesday, March 15th.

According to the criminal complaint, police were called after the parents of the 15 year old victim called police because their child had admitted to having a prior sexual relationship with Etzel. The victim’s mother stated her child had admitted to the sexual relationship and provided police with some recordings in which the victim had admitted to having sex with the 22 year old. Police subsequently met with the 15 year old who explained that she “dated” Etzel for approximately 8 or 9 months. In the middle of the relationship, which was most likely June or July 2016, she and Etzel had sex.

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The victim told police that prior to this, they had been touching each other all over.

The mother of the victim told police that she had located text messages and pictures that had been sent between her daughter and Alanna Etzel. There were nude photographs of the victim that had been sent to Etzel. The victim’s mother stated that Etzel had been sending the text messages trying to keep the relationship going. According to the criminal complaint, Etzel threatened to hang herself or harm herself if the relationship would end.

A police detective located additional depictions of nudity that appeared to have been sent by Etzel on March 9th. The detective noted Etzel also sent numerous voice messages to the victim. Most of the messages were hostile and contained profanity and other aggressive comments, particularly relating to the relationship. In some of the recordings, the 22 year old woman states that she wishes the victim’s family was dead and makes other provocative comments.

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