Sheboygan man, 19, accused of identity theft

Brandon Roth-Jennerman

Brandon Roth-Jennerman

SHEBOYGAN — A 19 year old man is accused of stealing a woman’s debit card and making 20 fraudulent purchases.

19 year old Brandon R. Roth-Jennerman was charged Tuesday with ten counts of identity theft with financial gain between the dates of February 27th and March 7th.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim called the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department after noticing a number of unauthorized and fraudulent purchases on a debit card she believed to have lost. Using the victim’s credit card, Roth-Jennerman made 25 purchases from AutoZone, Citgo, Kwik Trip, Walmart, Goodwill, DH Gate, iTunes, Amazon, Mercari and US Cellular totaling over $1,700.

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The deputy on the case had caught Roth-Jennerman through visiting the stores where fraudulent purchases were made.  He went to the Walmart, spoke with the assistant store manager and obtained a copy of the receipt as well as surveillance footage of the transaction, showing two males making the purchase and walking to a four-door gray, older model Buick Century. The deputy then wen tot the Minit Mart were there were fraudulent charges, and spoke with the manager who gave surveillance footage of the same Buick Century from Walmart along with a license plate number.

After running the plates, the deputy revealed the name of Brandon R. Roth-Jennerman. The deputy also went to AutoZone, were there were several fraudulent charges.  Here, he found that the Roth-Jennerman had made purchases were he listed his name and phone number. After locating a driver’s license photograph of Roth-Jennerman, it was confirmed that he was one of the two males that was observed on the Walmart footage.

After visiting the residence of Roth-Jennerman, he first denied making several of the purchases, but then later admitted to making them.

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