Drunk man fights Sheboygan Police, gets tased

Aaron J. Heyn

Aaron J. Heyn

SHEBOYGAN — A 43 year old man was charged with several felonies after allegedly fighting with police officers last weekend.

Aaron J. Heyn, of 1413 Annie Court in Sheboygan, was charged on Tuesday with felony threat to a law enforcement officer and felony discharging bodily fluids at a public safety worker as well as misdemeanors disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

According to the criminal complaint, officers were called to a home in the 2500 block of Geele Avenue on Sheboygan’s north side regarding a disturbance. A female reported that an intoxicated man was outside of her residence banging on the door and trying to get in.

When officers asked Heyn for identification, the 43 year old said he was not going to give police his ID card. Officers noted Heyn was swaying back and forth, his speech was slurred, and that he appeared to be very intoxicated. An officer explained that he needed to see some identification just to confirm who he was speaking. Heyn agaain refused and asked the officer what he was going to do about that. The officer explained he was technically causing a disturbance at the residence and that Heyn could be taken into custody to be identified, or he could provide his identification and most likely be released without any charges.

When the man set his beer on top of his car and quickly turned to his left, he was swinging his right fist towards another officer’s face according to the criminal complaint. That officer was able to duck and avoid the punch; however, Heyn advanced on him and grabbed the officer’s head and face with both hands. The officer placed both of his hands on the back of Heyn’s head and tried to use his momentum to direct him to the ground. The officer was unable to do so and Heyn continued to advance on the officer as he backed away. Heyn then grabbed the officer’s radio mic and pulled it off the front of his uniform. The man was reportedly attempting to place the officer in a headlock.

Two police officers were delivering various strikes to Heyn to get him to comply and stop fighting. Both officers were giving commands to put Heyn’s hands behind his back; however, the man refused to listen. An officer then drew his taser and told Heyn to place his hands behind his back or he would be tasered. The man once again refused. Police gave commands three times and tasered Heyn in the back.

Heyn still did not listen, so officers deployed the taser again. Police were finally able to get both of the man’s hands behind his back and handcuff him. Heyn continued to make threats towards the officers and stated that he was going to kill the officers and their families. The man said once he gets out of the handcuffs, he is going to kill the arresting officer because the officer’s flashlight had hit the man during the struggle.

During the fight, an officer sustained injuries to a finger, scratches on his neck, cuts to his hand and a sore shoulder. The officer’s police uniform was also damaged.

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