Student busted for selling drugs at North High School

Karime Arciniega

Karime Arciniega

SHEBOYGAN — A 17 year old student was arrested after selling pills at Sheboygan North High School.

Sheboygan Police say Karime Arciniega, 17, of 414 Bluff Avenue in Sheboygan, was caught selling Adderall pills to fellow students at the high school.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Sheboygan County Court, a staff member at North High School alerted police after witnessing Arciniega hand pills to a 16 year old student. When questioned by school staff, Arciniega stated she provided the student some Adderall pills. The 17 year old girl also told school staff she sold Adderall pills to other students earlier in the month. She indicated that she sold the pills for $4 each, but that she discounted them to the 16 year old student in selling her nine pills for $30.

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She further admitted to selling Adderall pills to other students.

Arciniega is charged with felony delivery of non-narcotics and could face a fine up to $10,000 and six years in jail. The court could also suspend Arciniega’s driving privileges.

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