Armed robbery suspect charged

Jeremy J. Curry

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Jeremy J. Curry

SHEBOYGAN — A 25 year old man from Sheboygan suspected in the armed robbery of a gas station on New’s Year’s Eve has been formerly charged.

Jeremy J. Curry, who resides at 830 Dillingham Avenue in Sheboygan, was charged Monday with felony armed robbery and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the criminal complaint, Curry was wearing a black jacket with a face mask pulled up just underneath his eyes when he entered the Petro Center, located at 1208 Union Avenue, around 9:50 PM on Saturday, December 31st. Curry asked for a carton of Marlboro Red cigarettes. The gas station attendant obtained one carton and scanned it in for check out and Curry then asked for a second carton. At that point, the attendant was becoming suspicious that the male still had his hood up, was still wearing his mask and was beginning to lean over the counter.

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Curry reportedly pulled a knife from his jacket and held it out. The knife was described as a kitchen style “butcher” knife according to the criminal complaint. Curry then yelled, “Open the till.” The gas station worker, who was alone at the time, was very nervous and frightened and not able to get the till open as quickly as the suspect wanted.

Police made contact with Curry’s brother who told police that he recognized the clothes that were worn during the robbery, specifically stating that his brother Jeremy owned a similar jacket, which he received as a Christmas present just days earlier. He also told police that his brother owned pants like the ones the robber was wearing and also gray slippers, which were a very unique item.

The exact amount of loss suffered from the Petro Station was $801.93 according to the Sheboygan Police Department. During a search of Curry’s residence, officers located drug paraphernalia found inside of the residence included a spoon that was burnt, lying next to a pipe. There was also an envelope that was found with the window of the envelope taped shut. Inside of the envelope were three syringes and pieces of syringes.

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