Random Lake hosts foreign exchange students

RANDOM LAKE — This school year, Random Lake High School has seven foreign exchange students from all over the world. The students are hosted by local families.

Lauren Beckett and Yasmine (Eleanora) Frison are enrolled as juniors and both staying with Jim and Janis Stemper in Fredonia. The Stempers have no children currently attending Random Lake.

Beckett arrived in August from Victor Harbor, South Australia and is staying until January. “I’m really excited to visit Chicago before I leave,” says Beckett. “The best thing so far has been homecoming and I will miss the Wisconsin sunrise and all the stars.”

Frisone arrived in August from Italy and will stay until August 2017. Frisone notes how different Random Lake is from her home where houses don’t have gardens or grass and she walks to school instead of taking a bus. She also mentions the food, especially breakfast, being very different. “In Italy there are not many sports (offered), only soccer and volleyball. Here there are more sports and it is interesting to try new stuff,” explains Frisone.

Staying with Arthur and Kay Wachs of Random Lake are exchange students Lucas Fernandez Falque and Jiayun (Michelle) Hou who are enrolled as Juniors. The Wachs family has two children who currently attend Random Lake, Nathan and Sydney.

Falque hails from Vigo, Spain and arrived in August, staying through July. “The thing that surprised me the most was how nice the people are,” notes Falque. “Everyone was excited to meet me and that’s what I will miss the most.” Hou comes to Random Lake from Chengdu, China. Hou arrived in August and will be leaving June 2017. “The snow has surprised me the most. I am not used to being cold,” explains Hou. “The Black Friday shopping was also surprising. It was very crazy.”

Warot Sriratanatum and Leon Boehmer, both Sophomores, are staying with Donna and Ralph Paape of Random Lake. They have grandkids who attend the elementary and middle school. Sriratanatum arrived in August from Bangkok, Thailand and will be leaving in June. Sriratanatum claims to be most surprised about the lack of traffic and how small of a town Random Lake is.

“I am most excited to see snow and winter,” says Sriratanatum. “I will miss my friends and host family when I leave. They are so kind to me and I appreciate everything they have done for me.” Boehmer comes from Hamburg, Germany and arrived in August and is staying through the end of the school year. “Before I leave, I want to go to some sporting events like football or basketball games,” says Boehmer.

Staying with Roberta Krueger in Cedar Grove, Fabian Bross arrived in August from Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany. Bross is enrolled as a Sophomore and is staying until June. Bross has enjoyed visiting Washington DC, trick-or-treating, and school events such as homecoming.

“I didn’t know much about Wisconsin before I came here. In fact, one year ago I didn’t even know Wisconsin was a state. I was surprised how hot it was when I arrived and how much it looked like my town in Germany,” explains Bross. “I will miss new friends, the school spirit and of course the refrigerator with an ice dispenser.”

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