Woman, 21, arrested for allegedly driving heroin dealer

Allison R. Mink

Allison R. Mink

SHEBOYGAN — A 21 year old Sheboygan woman was charged with driving a suspected heroin dealer and getting free heroin.

In the criminal complaint filed on Friday, 21 year old Allison R. Mink was charged with conspiracy to commit manufacture/deliver heroin, a Class F Felony. Investigators with Sheboygan County’s Drug Investigation Unit began investigating 39 year old Robert L. Wilborn, Jr. earlier this year with a confidential informant who was familiar with the “well-known drug dealer” and made several purchases over an extended period of time of crack cocaine from Wilborn.

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Robert L. Wilborn Jr.

Robert L. Wilborn Jr.

According to the criminal complaint, on May 10th, 2016, investigators and other members of law enforcement performed a controlled buy utilizing a confidential informant who advised police that contact was made with Wilborn earlier in the morning by text message within which Wilborn asked if the informant if they needed anything. The informant told Wilborn they needed a 1/2 gram, which was identified as a 1/2 gram of heroin. The location of the buy was 2114 North 13th Street in Sheboygan. At that address, a gray Chrysler 200 entered the driveway. A female, later identified as 32 year old Trista J. Windorski, provided the informant with a small piece of tin foil that contained suspected heroin.

On August 2, 2016, investigators made contact again with the confidential informant for the purpose of a controlled buy and was later transported to 612 Ashland Avenue in Sheboygan. The informant sent a text message to Wilborn with a new phone number that the informant advised was provided by Wilborn as his new number. The informant later received a text message stating, “Here.” At that time, surveillance units advised that a white vehicle arrived and parked at the address. Officers observed the informant make contact with the backseat occupant of the vehicle. Law enforcement was later able to follow the vehicle and identify a backseat passenger as Windorski, the driver of the vehicle as Allison Mink, and a front seat passenger, a 19 year old man.

Earlier in 2016, on March 4th, Mink discovered her 19 year old friend Dakota Hartl unresponsive in a bathtub. Hartl was pronounced dead from an heroin overdose.

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On August 11, 2016, an investigator from the Sheboygan County MEG Unit made contact with the 19 year old man who claims he was dating 21 year old Mink and also knew “Windorski” who he called “T.” He stated that Windorski sold heroin and that Mink drove Windorski to sell drugs throughout the City of Sheboygan in Mink’s vehicle.

The young man went on to tell the investigator that when people would order heroin from Wilborn directly, Wilborn would make contact with Windorski or other runners who would deliver the heroin to people who ordered it through him. He advised police that he and Mink had been assisting Windorski with heroin sales for Wilborn for approximately over a month. He added that their payment for driving Windorski to the drug deals was free heroin or a better price on heroin.

The 19 year old man who police did not name in the criminal complaint further advised that Wilborn was selling a lot of heroin and was the biggest dealer in Sheboygan. The unidentified man added that he and Mink would drive Windorski to Milwaukee to pick up heroin for Wilborn.

In addition to Mink’s arrest, Joshua Brasted as well as Wilborn and Windorski were also arrested and charged for their alleged involvement with heroin. To read their criminal complaints, CLICK HERE.

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