Sheboygan mother, 19, dead after heroin overdose

Dakota J. Hartl

Dakota J. Hartl

SHEBOYGAN — A 19 year old Sheboygan mother is dead after a heroin overdose.

Police officers and paramedics were dispatched to 2722 North 10th Street in Sheboygan on Friday, March 4, 2016 for a report of a drug overdose.

Upon arrival, the first arriving officer noted paramedics performing CPR and other medical procedures on an unresponsive female identified as 19 year old Dakota J. Hartl, and who paramedics stated had found her in the empty bathtub, clothed, and had to move her to the floor for treatment.

Dakota was subsequently transported to Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. She left behind a son, Levi.

Allison Mink was reportedly the first to discovered Hartl’s body. She told police she arrived at Hartl’s apartment and as her knocking on the apartment door produced no response and, as the door was unlocked, she entered the apartment and saw Hartl in the bathtub seeing foam around her mouth and called 911. Mink was charged with conspiracy to commit manufacture/deliver heroin on Friday, November 18th.

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Destiny J. Williams

Destiny J. Williams

Details about the heroin overdose and the investigation came out after a criminal complaint was released on March 8th when 20 year old Destiny J. Williams was charged with a Class F Felony, Manufacture/Deliver Heroin. Williams allegedly provided the heroin that Hartl overdosed on. According to police, she left Hartl in the bathtub and fled the scene after discovering that Hartl was overdosing.

Williams was previously convicted of child abuse and disorderly conduct in a 2014 case. According to court records, Williams pleaded no contest in that case and got a deferred conviction agreement. She was sentenced to 45 days in jail and had the rest of her sentence stayed on the condition that she stayed out of trouble.

Currently, a motion hearing for Williams is scheduled for December 2nd at 2 PM in Sheboygan County Circuit Court Branch #2. A plea hearing was scheduled in September, but attorneys were still working out the details of a possible plea bargain.

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