City responds to claims related to police shooting

city-hallSHEBOYGAN — The City of Sheboygan has responded to the claims for two people who seek $3.3 million dollars each; accusing officers of negligence in a police-involved shooting this past summer.

On Monday, November 14, Mayor Mike Vandersteen was served with two notices of injury and claims related to the police-involved shooting at Union Avenue Tap on July 17th, 2016. The notice of claim is a precursor to a lawsuit, although no lawsuit has been filed yet.

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“Such a notice is standard,” said City Attorney Charles Adams. “Wisconsin statutes require any person who desires to bring a claim against a municipality to provide written notice of the circumstances of the claim within 120 days of the event giving rise to the claim.” The City of Sheboygan has 120 days to respond to the claim; failure to do so within 120 days is considered a disallowance. If the City disallows the claim, the claimant must file a lawsuit within six months.

The matter is on the agenda for Monday night’s Common Council solely for the purpose of referring the matter to the Finance Committee, which will consider the claim. No other action will be taken at tonight’s meeting. “The Finance Committee will take up the matter after staff have had the opportunity to review the claim and recommend a response,” said Adams.

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